The beauty of Japanese cuisine is in its wide variety of ingredients and cooking methods. The various ways of preparing the many different categories of ingredients combine to create healthy, nutritionally well-balanced meals. Here is an introduction to some of the principal categories of Japanese cuisine. Once the characteristics of each category are understood, Japanese cooking can be more fun and healthier.



Enjoy rice and ingredients in one bowl

Takikomi-gohan is a rice dish prepared by cooking rice with vegetables, meat or seafood with seasonings.

In Japanese cuisine, the ingredients used in takikomi-gohan are often seasonal ingredients- vegetables such as beans, chestnuts, bamboo shoots, matsutake mushrooms and seafood such as sea bream, saury and oysters.

Western-style takikomi-gohan, or pilaf, is prepared by first sautéing the ingredients and the rice and then cooking in water or bouillon. Seasonings such as turmeric, curry powder or tomato ketchup may be added for color and flavor.

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