The beauty of Japanese cuisine is in its wide variety of ingredients and cooking methods. The various ways of preparing the many different categories of ingredients combine to create healthy, nutritionally well-balanced meals. Here is an introduction to some of the principal categories of Japanese cuisine. Once the characteristics of each category are understood, Japanese cooking can be more fun and healthier.



Moist, fluffy, and soft texture

"Mushimono" means steamed food or food cooked using the steam from boiling water.

"Musu" (to steam) is one of the basic Japanese cooking techniques. Using water to cook makes food delicate, soft and basically greaseless. Steamed dishes are very healthy to eat because they are cooked thoroughly without losing flavor or nutritional value.

Ingredients considered suitable for steamed dishes are foods with a relatively plain, light flavor such as sea bream and chicken. Typical Japanese mushimono dishes include "chawan-mushi" (steamed egg and dashi custard), "kabura-mushi" (steamed mixture of grated turnips and egg whites, served with an arrowroot sauce made with kuzu-an) , and "dobin-mushi" (steamed matsutake mushrooms in a suimono soup garnished with seasonal items cooked in an earthenware pot).

"Manju" (steamed buns) and "mushi-pan" (steamed bread) are sweets in the category of "mushimono."

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Steamed Sea Bream

150kcal / per person

Steaming cooks ingredients evenly and removes excess grease. Arrange it simple by garnishing with the white part of a Japanese leek or ginger to add some flavor.

Steamed Egg Custard

74kcal / per person

A steamed egg dish that is sometimes served instead of suimono (light, thin soup).

Steamed Grated Turnip and Crab

77kcal / per person

Mix grated turnip and crab meat and bind them with egg white. Serve with thick sauce.

Sake-Steamed Clams

21kcal / per person

This dish is low in sodium and calories, as the clam, which is already salty, is steamed only with a little sake and water. Clam is rich in taurin and iron, which help keep the liver healthy.

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