Food category


Rice with Chicken and Egg

439kcal / per person

The name oyako-don (parent & child on rice) comes from the ingredients of chicken (parent) and egg (child). Don means donburi (rice bowl).

Tuna Rice Balls

210kcal / per person

Recently, rice balls with mayonnaise in the filling are popular as well as the traditional Japanese ingredients.

Rice with Tuna and Tomato

311kcal / per person

Seafood bowl with raw seafood is one of the popular donburi dishes. This is a bowl using tuna and tomato.

Beef Curry

567kcal / per person

Curry originates from India and was introduced to Japan via Britain. It has developed independently and is served with rice in Japan. It is one of Japan's most popular dishes.

California Roll

349kcal / per person

California roll is an inside-out sushi invented in the US. The nori side is hidden on the inside along with the stuffing such as avocado; it is invented for Californians who are not used to the black nori laver.

Salmon Nigiri-zushi

434kcal / per person

Nigiri-zushi is made with sushi vinegar-seasoned rice formed into bite-sized shapes and topped with wasabi and seafood.


531kcal / per person

Omu-rice is stir fried rice and other ingredients seasoned with ketchup and wrapped with an omelet. Serve with ketchup over the top. It is a dish served at coffee shops, restaurants and home. Omu-rice can be in a lunch box for small children.

Beef-wrapped Rice Balls

262kcal / per person

A luxurious version of rice ball wrapped with sliced beef.

Beef Maze-zushi

455kcal / per person

This is a sushi dish prepared with salty-sweet simmered beef instead of seafood.

Chicken Rice with Vegetables

228kcal / per person

This is a dish with colorful, nutritionally balanced ingredients.