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Teriyaki Chicken

161kcal / per person

Teriyaki is a genre in Japanese cuisine. When the sugar and other seasonings including mirin are heated, they carmelize and make the shiny (teri) surface. This sauce can be used not only for meat but also for fish.

Simmered Chicken Balls

133kcal / per person

Japanese style quenelle. Cook gently in warm soup. You can enjoy a new texture by mixing cooked ground meat with raw ground meat to make dumplings.

Boiled Pork Steak

418kcal / per person

The fat of a pork belly contains collagen. It is delicious with a smooth texture but is high in calories. Boiling removes the excess fat. When frying, remove the grease as it melts and wipe the grease off the surface of the pan and from the meat.

"Healthy" Simmered Meat and Potato

185kcal / per person

This simmered meat and potato dish is considered the most popular food in Japan. It goes well with rice.

Pork Fillet Cutlet

204kcal / per person

It is said that this dish originated in a western restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, during the Meiji era (1868–1912). Based on a western dish, it was uniquely developed in Japan and is well known as a Japanese food.

Mushroom Beef Roll-Ups

136kcal / per person

Roll-ups of vegetables wrapped with beef and dressed with sauce are popular dishes as a part of home meals and lunch boxes. Besides mushrooms, burdock and asparagus are used.

Grilled Pork with Sesame Seeds

220kcal / per person

It is an easy pork sauté.

Pork Brochette with Leek Sauce

95kcal / per person

This is the pork version of yakitori chicken brochette with salt-based sauce. All you need to do is grill the skewered pork in the oven and serve with salt-based negi leek sauce. This recipe can be used for a BBQ.


312kcal / per person

Sukiyaki is prepared with thinly sliced beef cooked in a skillet and seasoned with sugar and soy sauce-based sauce. Tofu, shirataki, shiitake and shungiku are added and cooked together. Usually it is cooked at the table as you eat.

Chicken Wing Tips and Daikon Stew

180kcal / per person

Rich in collagen, which helps keep your skin healthy, the chicken wing tip is tender when it is stewed.

Ginger Pork

167kcal / per person

It is a must dish at home and at restaurants. Preparation of the ginger pork is easy: you only have to make the sauce and marinate the pork before cooking.

Beef and Asparagus Sauté

144kcal / per person

All-in-one dish of beef and vegetables. Just sauté the ingredients.


357kcal / per person

Shabu-shabu is one kind of hot pot. Cook thinly sliced beef and vegetables and eat with dipping sauces such as ponzu soy sauce or sesame-based sauce. The term shabushabu is an onomatop?ia, derived from the sound emitted when the meat is stirred in the pot.

Deep-fried Chicken

152kcal / per person

One of the most popular dishes at home and at izakayas, Japanese-style deep-fried chicken is seasoned with soy sauce-based sauce and coated with starch before deep frying.


295kcal / per person

Tonkatsu is also popular overseas. A thick slice of pork is dredged in breadcrumbs and deep fried. This Japanese original dish was invented in the Meiji era, based on a British dish.

Chicken Cream Stew

272kcal / per person

Cream stew is prepared by cooking meat and vegetables in béchamel sauce. It is also called white stew.


100kcal / per person

Yakitori is usually bite-sized chicken skewered, dipped in sauce and broiled.

Boiled Pork with Fresh Onion Sauce

175kcal / per person

Simmer defat pork for about 1 hour until tender and use the boiling liquid to blanch carrot and soy sprouts as garnish. The light and refreshing sauce is prepared with grated onion, which helps keep the vascular system healthy.

Chicken Liver Shigure-ni

70kcal / per person

Shigure-ni is the preparation of seafood by cooking down so that they pick up the flavor and the color of soy sauce.

Chicken and Colorful Bell Pepper Curry-flavored Sauté

98kcal / per person

A well-balanced dish with low-fat and low-calorie chicken sasami paired with summer vegetables.

Mushrooms Stuffed with Chicken Tsukune

154kcal / per person

Grill the shiitake mushroom stuffed with chicken tsukune. Sprinkle with sesame seeds over half of the shiitake.

Giblets and Grilled Tofu Stew

111kcal / per person

Simmer three kinds of giblets with tofu. A dish with a simple but rich taste.

Light and Refreshing Deep-fried Chicken Stew

113kcal / per person

This is a light and refreshing dish with flavorful fried chicken simmered in soup with vinegar.

Sour Stir-fried Beef

130kcal / per person

A refreshing dish with beef, celery and grapefruit.